Noske Law Firm Excels at providing practical advice, exceptional service and quality in a cost efficient and timely manner.

The Firm can handle every legal matter you may need assistance with – with few exceptions.*

The focused practice areas include:

  • Obtaining business licenses, specialty: provider licenses


  • Administrative, civil and criminal representation and consulting, particularly involving any provider licenses.


  • Handling fines, complaints, negative actions, license denials, license revocations, conditional licenses, etc.


  • Advising and program documentation for the application and continuing statutory compliance for business licenses.


  • Drafting trusts including special needs trusts, wills, contracts, Partnership agreements, etc., focusing on the service provider unique circumstances.


  • Documentation and consulting on the transfer or purchase of businesses, focusing on service providers.


  • The taxation of service providers, including analysis of exempt income treatment possibilities.


  •  The collection of accounts receivables and the negotiation of accounts payable, focusing on service providers.


  •  For 245A (Rule 203 a/k/a County License) and 245D providers: drafting policies, statutory compliance consulting, provider enrollment


  • MN-ITS processing done for you. Training also available.

Consultation and Assistance with the following:

• Alternative Care (AC) program.

• Brain Injury (BI) Waiver

• Community Alternative Care (CAC) Waiver

• Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals (CADI) Waiver

• Day Training and Habilitation (DT&H)

• Developmental Disabilities (DD) Waiver

• Elderly Waiver (EW)

• Family Support Grant (FSG)

• Intermediate Care Facilities/Developmental Disabilities (ICF/DD)

• Moving Home Minnesota (MHM)

• Nursing services and home health services, which include skilled nursing, home health aide, and therapies under the state plan home care program

• Personal care assistance services (PCA) and qualified professional (OP) supervision of personal care assistance services

• Private duty nursing (PDN)

• Aging Grants

• Consumer Support Grant (CSG)

• Deaf and Hard of Hearing grants

• Disability Linkage Line

• Epilepsy Living Skills Programs

• Semi-Independent Living Services (SILS)

• Technology grants

• Transition initiative grants

• Employment Support grants

*Generally Noske Law Firm does not handle personal driver license problems or litigation, patents, or immigration matters