I just want to extend my thanks to James Noske in representing me in my case with the Department of Human Services and Anoka County.  This was a hard and difficult process for me to go through and you made this situation a lot easier for me to bear. You were definitely Heaven sent!  Your legal expertise and knowledge of professional licenses made this case a manageable process for me and my family.  Thank you for resolving this issue in a timely and professional manner.  I would also like to thank you for your (pocket friendly) affordable fees for the average person like myself.  Again thank you for your honesty, integrity and your great legal representation.

Temeka Thedford


Thanks James for all you do!

I have been doing Respite Care for 17 years and Adult Foster Care for 7 years.  I recently got my 245D license this past year and simply couldn’t have done this without the expertise of Mr. Noske.  He goes above and beyond to ensure that each of his clients get exactly the help they need. After working with several people along the way concerning 245D and all that it entails, Mr. Noske stands high above the rest.  I am forever thankful for all that he has done for our business and highly recommend him to you. His expertise is well worth your time and money!

Emily Harren
Harren Homes


Dear Mr. Noske,

We contacted you in February regarding the income we received for CADI and Waivered services which should have been exempt as non-taxable income. This income was instead reported incorrectly as taxable by the agencies on the 1099 Misc. form. You moved quickly to contact the agencies involved and we received the corrected 1099 forms in the mail. We recommend Noske Law Firm to any and all Family Foster Care providers needing assistance or legal representation.


Donald and Sharon Henneman



August of 2015 our foster care license was revoked due to a said incident that took place. We have been providing foster care services for 11 years. I contacted James Noske and sent over all the information he needed to review our case. Mr. Noske than followed through and did the necessary paperwork, contacted the correct people, followed through on our case until the end. He provided us with very valuable information and educated us along the way. There were errors of jurisdiction made and Mr. Noske was sure to straighten those out. He communicated with the DHS and the attorney general’s office on our behalf and we reached a settlement without having to go to trial and our foster care license was reinstated. We could not have been successful without the guidance and knowledge Mr. Noske offered in this process. This would not only affect our life, but the children we care so deeply for. I recommend the work of Noske law firm to anyone who might need excellent direction and guidance.




I met Jim at a Adult Foster Care providers meeting. I talked with him and mentioned I was going through a divorce. He had given me some advice on how to explain to my lawyer about my business. I later met with him to go over some stuff. He had contacted my lawyer and gave her some detailed advice as to how my foster care is operated, as I am exempt income and not a corporate facility. She learned a lot from Jim that she did not know.

Jim has also has given me some great advice on my foster care business as this new 245D licensing is way to complicated.

I have been very happy with Jim’s services. He is very educated and up to date with 245D.

Thank you for your time and advice, Jim

Lori Ostrowski



Noske Law Firm, James Noske, Atty., and Sandra Hovlane, paralegal;

Our licensed Family Child Care home (since 1971)recently made a terrible mistake. We accidentally left a young child in his car seat, locked in our day care van for over an hour (04/02/2015). The child was not within our sight or hearing. We admitted to this mistake, took full responsibility, and our day care license was suspended.
We filed an appeal.
Our situation was (and still is) serious. The County Child Protection Investigator predicted permanent loss of our license, and a finding that I would not be allowed to work with children or to teach in Minnesota for at least several years.
James Noske, Atty., carefully and courteously convinced us that we would be foolish to go into the appeal without an attorney. He was so right, but we were hard to convince. We felt that with impressive witnesses and excellent written testimonials, we could handle it ourselves.
James Noske demonstrated great knowledge of the Minnesota licensing laws governing care providers. He showed us that he could help get our testimony accepted, and work to overcome County attorney objections. Noske said that he would work to find errors and flaws in the County presentations. Both of these claims proved true.
Most importantly, James Noske promised that we would get a chance to tell our story, and that he could work with us to overcome objections so that we could tell our whole story, and be heard. This also proved to be the case.
We had dozens of ideas for exhibits. Noske Law Firm, James and Sandra, helped us prepare these exhibits and decide which were valuable, relevant, or problematic. He told us what NOT to present.
James and Sandra took many items, many, many pages of material, and made it into a form which worked well for the court and the opposing attorney. Without their help, much of our best material would have been too late to admit or rejected because of incorrect format.
James and Sandra spent hours on the phone questioning us, listening, advising and prioritizing our testimony.
He also interviewed — or questioned us about — our many witnesses. He suggested who was most advantageous to our cause, what approach to take. On the morning of the trial he arrived very early, and coached everyone on what to expect, how to be a good witness.
I think his most difficult job was keeping me, Michael Kauper, from saying too much, over explaining, digging my own grave, and going off in twelve directions at once. But he did it. (Mostly.)
As it happens, the judge found in our favor. So far, we won!
We were so satisfied with James Noske and Sandra Hovlane, their hard work, supportive approach, knowledge of the law, and ability to keep me in line, that we planned to write this true testimonial even if we lost.

Michael Kauper
Turner & Kauper Child Care



To:         Whom it May concern

I have not met anyone who knows the 245D statute any better than James Noske. I have met with him on several occasions to discuss this statute and how it affects the entire state. He knows the statute and its related programs and has worked with many family providers to learn how it has impacted their lives in the different counties that they live in. His knowledge derives from being an AFC provider since 2007, a 245D licensee, and an Attorney. So many counties do not even understand the statute correctly as their licensors feel that it is the state of Minnesota licensor’s responsibility to train the foster providers and they want nothing to do with it. Bruce Napper and I went to the Department of Human Services in St. Paul to try and get a fair shake on funding for family providers vs. corporates. Bruce Napper and I went on to the Health and Human Services Committee on the MN Capitol Hill to speak to legislators who were responsible for writing the bill. None of these people could carry on a long term conversation about 245D with any depth that James Noske could do. James Noske has processed so many applications for new providers that the process is burned into his brain by now.   He has done extensive study on this statute and its legal issues. In associating with James Noske as a fellow provider and advocate for adult foster care in Minnesota, I recommend his services for any provider.

Steven D. Adair
Family Provider, Social Worker