Sue Alldridge

Dear Sir,
I requested your help last fall for the new Cadi rules that I couldn’t understand. The rules were vague to
me other than if I couldn’t figure them out, I would be losing my guys who I’ve had for years. And were
finally getting their lives on track.
This was important to finish for my guys and me who love them.
They are MI, and it has taken them 10+ years to get a grip on seeing they could have a real life. How
could I bail out on them…… James, Thank you for solving the Cadi Puzzle for me and the guys.
The good news is client 1 is in his last year of college, client 2 is finally working and client 3 just started
If you have any influence with the State, you might want to let them know there are clients that do
better in a peaceful home atmosphere with pets and real life situations rather than corporate. Isn’t it
the hope of the State to help these guys assimilate into society and not be a burden? Just saying.
I do have more to say about that, but, another time.
Thanks again for your help and I am sure we will be working together in the future.
Very Sincerely,
Sue Alldridge

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